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for a long time I've been looking for a place where I can complain and some one will take me seriously .

so far it was almost 2 months of complete <profane> with DELL support/costumers service!

for one last time, this my sad story:

the first time I got this Dell Outlet laptop, and turned it on, I discovered an hot useless piece of plastic/metal that got too hot to use before even playing any game or use any software! .

my laptop is an Alienware m15 with I7 9'th generation and 32G ram! a monster laptop for gaming!

the reason I purchased this laptop is not for gaming but for my programming studies that I paid almost 6,000$ for.

so the second I realized that I got <profane> with an un functioning laptop I called the tech support in order to get help, after a full update and diagnosis for my laptop I discovered the SHAME! the diagnosis shows that the same tests have done by DELL "professional machine testers" which need to provide a full functioning- new-like -laptop, and they just didn't do anything with that, but sent it to me with all the problems (motherboard , cooling system and CPU fan). 

so after we've done all the tests, they told me i need to speak with the Israeli support because i'm in Israel now and only they can help me.

I called them and they said I have to move my warranty to my country so that what I did. Took a month so my refund option was gone!

sooo....after a month of waiting the warranty finally moved to my country and they was finally able to fix my laptop... or did they? NOPE! they said they don't support this laptop model in my country so I need to call USA support again!

called them! they said again talk to your country's support, we can't help you.

at this point I went to GOOGLE to search a way to speak with some one who will take me seriously and I found out that the "TWITTER" support team is the only way to get answers.

guess what?? you right! they asked me to do another diagnosis! I offered to send the diagnosis results from the two other times I did it but it was not enough for them!

soooo... I started another diagnosis! at the end they told me a new thing that I never knew before... that my laptop having issues with motherboard, cooling system and cpu fan!! really?  is it a coincidence that the results are the same?

and guess what they told me after that? you right.... SPEAK WITH YOUR COUNTRY'S SUPPORT!!

and now finally I found this place to try my luck for the last time before I start a <legalistic> against DELL because I will not throw a monthly salary to the garbage just because this HUGE company decided to act to the small costumer like he is nothing!

so now I don't want to speak about diagnosis and technical support anymore, because I already had to quit the programming studies because I didn't have laptop for the last 1.5 months in order to study and practice!!

now please... the only thing I want is refund... I will send you the laptop back and refund me for the full laptop price amount! I just want to forget that I ever had business with DELL.

so like i said before, if it will not help and you will not refund me I will have to start a <legalistic> against DELL and to publish my story every where in order to make people know what is like to deal with dell.

i will have to tell all the story how at first place dell sent me a broken laptop and they knew it... they did the diagnosis, saw the results and sent it to me the way it is.

i will have to tell about  the last 1.5 months of suffer and having to quit studies because of you! spent all my money and left with nothing!

so like i said I don't want to speak about fixing it anymore! I want a full refund! 

hope you will help me and we will finish this story because I don't have any more powers.

thank you, Barak.

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ok this sounds bad

.... BUT

 the worst computer company in the entire planet is MAINGEAR


you just buy super expensive <profane> from them

and after selling their stuff .... you are <profane> for life

it is like trowing money on the street


their only answer .. if you get one is that was working

and then .......0


 for me the only way to get a decent pc

was taking all the <profane> pieces and sell them with a great lose 

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till now I'm standing in the exact same place... didn't get any help by any one...

so maybe the company you are speaking of is just bad as DELL.

unlike you, I'm not going to sell parts of my computer.. <Non-public info removed>