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Which msata ssd for Alienware14 model

HI Guys,

I own a Alienware 14 laptop (2013 model) with 16GB RAM, i7 4th gen, 765M graphics card. Due to its HDD configuration, I am very much feeling like its performance has slowed down and decided to upgrade it to a SSD.

Browsing through the internet, I found that a vacant msata ssd slot is available for the chipset by default apart from the regular 2.5 inch internal HDD/SSD slot.

Can someone please confirm me if this model supports just the regular msata III ssd or the m.2 ssd configuration too?

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Which msata ssd for Alienware14 model

From the Dell support page. And this is mSATA not M.2.

SATA 2.0 (3 Gb/s) or SATA 3.0 (6 Gb/s)
Number of hard drives
Hard drives
One mSATA Solid-State Drive
Up to two Hard Drives or Solid-State Drives
: The second Hard Drive/Solid-State
Drive is optional and is located in the optical
drive bay
Support for Intel Smart Response Technology
and RAID
Also a Youtube video showing the installation of an mSATA drive in your model.

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This is a brief how-to on installing an mSATA SSD as the main boot drive with a fresh Windows install in a new Alienware 14 laptop. I just give basic instructions on installing the drive, setting the boot order, and getting Windows installed. The original HDD is left in place as a storage drive ...
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