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alienware 15 R3 8GB help please

Every time i go play a game doesn't matter what it is LoL fornite WoW any type of game it lags im updated all drivers im using an Ethernet cord for my laptop When i set to high/max it says 160 frames on the game but still some how lags and low/medium i get 220 frames and still runs i have high quality internet so i don't understand the problem wish for some help...

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Re: alienware 15 R3 8GB help please

Hi @zahlee,

Try running an ePSA/Diagnostic test on the system, click here to view a Dell article that explains how to run this test. Let us know if you receive any errors.

Also, try running a video card stress test. Follow the steps below to do this.

  • Open Support Assist
  • Click on the Checkup option
  • Click Run Custom Scan
  • Click on the Nvidia/AMD card
  • Select the Stress Test option

If you do not have Support Assist installed, click here for the download link. Let us know how high the GPU temperature goes in the stress test. 

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