alienware 17 R5 auto dimming on windows 10

I am an avid Linux user, returning to Windows in order to purchase a dell alienware gaming machine. And..its like returning to an old relationship. Why does a person do such a thing!

I hate windows 10.

My Dell alienware 17 R5 wont allow me disable the ****sleep mode, no matter what i do to configure it in settings . I know its a virus. windows = virus. i've only opened it for 2 hours and after connecting to the internet, i have a virus. I HATE WINDOWS !!! At least windows caught up to Linux developers and ended their stupid memory provisioning scheme they used, which is why i left windows in the first place. (there was a time when you couldn't access all your available system memory unless you upgraded windows)

So my question is (sigh)... how do i reinstall or restore control panel.

[edit: i found a solution to auto dimming was to configure my tobii eyetracking software: windows > tobii core > interactions > launch interactions panel > dim brightness = false ]

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