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computer not recognizing graphics amp

13 r3 (from last september if it matters)

with pny gtx 1080 8gb in graphics amp

my computer is acting as if the graphics amp doesn't exist yet using the the gtx 1080 at the same time, as if it thinks it is an SLI setup yet it is only using the internal card (1060m 6gb) about 5% and i cant get the 1080 to exceed 80% on something that usually takes 100% (and its not overheated its only at 60c) i have also noticed that the vram usages are barely anything 



i am happy to provide more info but i didnt know what was needed/relevant

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Re: computer not recognizing graphics amp

Hi @honestAilen,

System model and revision?

Make sure the BIOS is up to date.

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Re: computer not recognizing graphics amp

Have you resolved this?

I'm having the exact same issue. GTX 1080.

My Alienware laptop is 17 R3.

Using the latest BIOS 1.6.1 updated all drivers. Nothing works.


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