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m15, RGB lights stopped working

I've purchased Alienware m15 and within one week the rgb lights went out for no reason after the power was drained. 

I've reinstalled windows 10 all the drivers included with it also including Alienware Command Center and yet there's no sign of turning rgb lights back on.

Alienware Command Center doesn't show alienfx so I have no way of testing if it works. 

I've gone through forms by forms but none of them have given a solution in fixing the issue. 

I've contacted dell support for aisstance but they mention that the warrenty would cover it however I have to transfer it to Asian Pacific as my brother bought the laptop from US. 

This is not how I imagine the usability of Alienware for the first week  It's frankly a bit disappointing as I've spent $2000 on a laptop, which make me doubt my decision in buying the laptop.

If there is a way of fixing this issue without dismantling my laptop, I'd greatly appreciate it. 

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Re: Alienware m15 Rgb lights stopped working

Hi @YNiYaZ,

Send me a private message with the Service Tag so I can review your case.

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Re: Alienware m15 Rgb lights stopped working

same problem here


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