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m15, pre-purchase questions (Netherlands)


I currently live in the Netherlands and considering a purchase of Alienware m15 but have some questions which I can't resolve with the help of Dell's NL website (there is no sales support at all, at least I wasn't able to find one).

1. What is the keyboard layout? According to online configurator it's "VS/internationaal" which google translates to "US/international"(I don't speak Dutch). But is it ISO(L-shaped Enter button) or ANSI?

2. Does new m15 have the SSD heatshields installed? Seen a lot of controversial topics on the web regarding this question. 

3. Can I upgrade SSD/memory without losing the warranty for the rest of the components?

4. Can I transfer a warranty to another country? Asking because I plan to leave the Netherlands in a few months. I've seen transfer option on one of the support pages, but there's always something wrong with the EU support/options.

Sorry for my English Smiley Happy

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