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m15, won't turn on without being plugged in

I bought a new Alienware M15 last month.  After I used it a few times, I noticed the Alien head power button blinked in a 6-1 rhythm.   Then after, my laptop won't boot from battery power even though Windows showed that the battery is charging.   What I have tried:

1.  Ran SupportAssist from Windows, found no hardware issue.

2.  Ran Dell Diagnostic from BIOS, also found no hardware issue.

3.  Uninstall battery driver from Device Manager.

4.  Detached the battery from the MB & re-attach it.


So far, none of it worked.  Does anyone have an idea what's the problem?

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If I were you, I'd buy a replacement battery and install it.  Laptops infamously have batteries that die or won't hold a charge.  The easiest way to check if it is the battery, is to install a new one.  Fortunately, replacement laptop batteries have gone down significantly in price over the last decade.

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Hi Sebastian, I just started facing the same issue on my 2 year old m15 since 2 days. My warranty is over and Dell customer support wasn't much help. They didn't even bother doing any tests and straight away suggested getting a replacement battery. Were you able to get this fixed? I too tried all the steps you noted and none of it worked.    

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