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m17 R?, Alienware FX lights partially work

I just upgraded my Alienware M18x R2 (which was 7 years old) to a new m17.  I used to play Dying light on my M18x R2 and the game would automatically change my keyboard lights depending on if I was in a safe zone (Green KB) or using my flashlight. (White KB).

When playing Dying Light on the brand new m17, the game turns off my keyboard lights and nothing happens no matter what the game situation is.

However, I know that the new Alienware FX software allows for games to take control of the lighting.  My girlfriend who was sitting across from me noticed, and pointed out, that the Alienware head logo on the BACK of my screen changed from green to white depending on what I was doing in game.  This does not help me during game play as you might well imagine.

How can I get the same thing to happen on the keyboard?

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