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screen never turn on when i start it


I bought the Alienware 17 R4 about 3 months ago...and in the past month I have had the screen not start up when I turn the laptop's happened twice. I believe the laptop is running as you can see the lights, etc on the keyboard and below the screen. I've had to hold the power down until it shuts off then when I restart it, it goes to recovery...I hit restart PC and it seems to start ok. Is this a known issue? Any help would be appreciated. Below are the specs in case that may be of importance:

Alienware 17 R4



1080p screen with tobii tracking

256gb SSD/1TB HDD


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Re: screen never turn on when i start it

Run system diagnostics to check for errors but if the system is only 3 months old you are under warranty. Call Dell tech support for your region and they can diagnose and decide what action to take.

To run diagnostics restart the system and at the Dell splash screen start tapping F12. Run full diagnostics with special attention to the LCD test results.

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