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Clustered Filesystem


Not sure if this might be a basic one, but i couldn't locate it in the user guide.

How do i add a clustered filesystem as source.

I added individual hosts with ip and also the cluster ip, but the filesystem is not discovered in any of the hosts.

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Re: Clustered Filesystem

I am sorry, but AppSync does not currently support Windows clustered file systems. AppSync supports clustered SQL only in Windows clustered environments, per the following notes in the latest Support Matrix.


"SQL is supported in Windows Failover Cluster. Filesystem is not supported in Windows Failover cluster environment"


"Filesystem is not supported in Clustered environment like Windows failover cluster, Redhat Cluster and VCS"

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Re: Clustered Filesystem

The source filesystem is jfs2 filesystem running on on AIX Cluster @oslevel 7100-04-02-1614

According to the Support Matrix it is supported.

I added the primary ip first

secondary ip

All completely successfully.

But when i add the The virtual IP /Service label IP it is getting completed with errors and there is no filesystems being discovered.

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Re: Clustered Filesystem

Is this an HACMP clustered environment? All file systems must be registered to the clustered service, to be picked up by AppSync. Validate by running /usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities/clshowres

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Re: Clustered Filesystem

The output: [i have changed few values to paste it here.]

Resource Group Name                             RG_1234
Participating Node Name(s)                      Server1 Server2
Startup Policy                                  Online On Home Node Only
Fallover Policy                                 Fallover To Next Priority Node In The List
Fallback Policy                                 Never Fallback
Site Relationship                               ignore
Node Priority                                 
Service IP Label                                fdda
Filesystems                                     ALL
Filesystems Consistency Check                   fsck
Filesystems Recovery Method                     sequential
Filesystems/Directories to be exported (NFSv3)
Filesystems/Directories to be exported (NFSv4)
Filesystems to be NFS mounted                 
Network For NFS Mount                         
Filesystem/Directory for NFSv4 Stable Storage 
Volume Groups                                   fddavg
Concurrent Volume Groups                      

Use forced varyon for volume groups, if necessary   false

Raw Disks                                     
Disk Error Management?                          no
GMVG Replicated Resources                     
GMD Replicated Resources                      
PPRC Replicated Resources                     
SVC PPRC Replicated Resources                 
EMC SRDF� Replicated Resources                
Hitachi TrueCopy� Replicated Resources        
Generic XD Replicated Resources               
AIX Connections Services                      
AIX Fast Connect Services                     
Shared Tape Resources                         
Application Servers                           
Highly Available Communication Links          
Primary Workload Manager Class                
Secondary Workload Manager Class              
Delayed Fallback Timer                        
Miscellaneous Data                            
Automatically Import Volume Groups              false
Inactive Takeover                             
SSA Disk Fencing                                false
Filesystems mounted before IP configured        false
WPAR Name                                     

Run Time Parameters:

Node Name                                       Server1
Debug Level                                     high
Format for hacmp.out                            Standard

Node Name                                       Server2
Debug Level                                     high
Format for hacmp.out                            Standard
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Re: Clustered Filesystem

The service label was different vs the dns entry. Fixed it and it was able to mount.

Thanks to EMC support