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Atmos Archiving Solutions

Hello, I am just curious as to what everyone uses for archiving data to the cloud with Atmos.  I am noticing products that say S3 are for that only and usually you cannot put in your own HTTPS address in. 

I am looking for  software or appliance (virtual) based products to install on a server or vmware environment but I don't really like Geodrive.  To me Geodrive seems more like a desktop/laptop product.  Am I way off base here?  I find that when GeoDrive is used on a server it does cause confusion as it creates a second drive that shows the same data as your original drive and the issue where it appears you have not had any free disk space due to archiving (stubbing).

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Re: Atmos Archiving Solutions

Maybe you could provide a better picture of what you're trying to accomplish with your archiving of data?  I see lots of things going in your post, but I'm not sure of your goals.

If you just wish to archive data to ATMOS, you have a lot of options.  First, what are you archiving?  Data from NAS shares on VNX/Celerra?  Files on VMware hosts?  If you have VNX/Celerra, CTA (Cloud Tiering Appliance) can use ATMOS a repository and archive files there.  Of course, CTA will leave a stub file, but this returns free space to your filesystem.  If you're not trying to archive from VNX/Celerra, you could code your own applications with the REST API.  Some applications support extensible archive solutions, so you could write your own code with object languages like Ruby or a fancy Perl script, and move data to ATMOS that way.

If you're looking for something that emulates a Windows fileshare, you might look at a software solution like StorFirst EAS, from Seven10 software.  This software allows a VM to present a CIFS share that lets you write to ATMOS.

If you can provide more details, we can talk through your options!