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Atmos VE w/ Avamar?


Can Atmos use Avamar physical nodes (v6.x or 7.x)  as the data source, and "tier" to the Cloud? Interoperability guide for Avamar does not state.

Customer wants to archive PACs files to AWS (or vendor neutral cloud), but so far only 6 TB total images. Budget is small also,

so I thought this could be a possible solution. I was also thinking CTA, but that would require node purchase, and I'm thinking thats a budget buster (sub $20K).

Does not need SAAS or IAAS or multi-tenancy, etc now.

Problem is just "archiving" older images to cloud.


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Re: Atmos VE w/ Avamar?

If I understand your question correctly, you're talking about using ATMOS as a storage tier that will take data stored on Avamar, correct?

A better question might be, how is the PACS data stored today?  On NAS? Windows file servers?  If so, CTA would be a better/easier solution.  CTA could write to ATMOS natively and CTA-VE is rather cheap.

Is that an option?


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