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Federating from Atmos local

I am using FMA to archive the files from Celerra to Atmos local.

Also configured the Atmos local to federate to Atmos online.

Local Atmos has been configured with apolicy to create two replicas, one sync replica on local and another async replica on Atmos online.

I am using the ruby scripts in the Atmos local to find whether the file is replicated completely.

I am checking the size of the local replica and the size on the Atmos online.

Since we have one replica local and another on Atmos online, if my local atmos storage node is alone down (meta data is still available on local Atmos), do the local atmos redirect for the object on Atmos online?

I am getting error

"Server encountered Internal error".

Any help on this is appreciated.



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Re: Federating from Atmos local


Since you have confirmed that the federated replica was indeed written to Atmos onLine, there must be something happening within your local system when you powered the node down. The Atmos onLine replica is fully accessible so for some reason the local system is not requesting the remote copy of the object. Since this is related to an on-premise deployment of Atmos, the customer support team can assist you.


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