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GeoDrive - deleting local files

Hi Team, is it possible with GeoDrive to delete data from the GeoDrive folder but not have it removed from the ATMOS object store ? How do we enforce retention on data saved to GeoDrive (i.e. user should be able to delete his local copy on the local machine in a mirror configuration mode, but have the data remain on ATMOS if he needs to access it again at a later time).

They want to use GeoDrive in a mirror capacity, while essentially making the local machine act as having "unlimited" storage where older data gets synced/archived to ATMOS for retrieval at a later date by the end user.


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Re: GeoDrive - deleting local files

I think what you want is what will happen by default.

If you create a cloud drive and accept all defaults, you'll find that 1 day after a file has been created, modified and then uploaded, it will be turned into a "stub". This means that the file "appears" to be there, but is actually not. All disk space used by that file is freed. You can see that it is a stub by looking at the attributes of the file - if the OFFLINE attribute file is set, that means that the file is actually not taking up any disk space. In Explorer, offline files will appear with an X overlay over the icon.

If you attempt to open a file "stub", it will go up to Atmos, pull down the data to restore the file, and then the file will be opened. The application opening the file will never know that the data had to be retrieved from Atmos before the file could be opened.

By double-clicking on the cloud drive entry, going to the Settings tab and clicking on the Advanced button, you can customize all the timing parameters: how long before a file is uploaded, stubbed, etc.

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