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GeoDrive questions


I'm trying out GeoDrive on a Linux client server and after getting everything installed and working I'm left with a couple of questions.

1.  When I store a file on my geodrive mount I end up with three copies, the original one lets say /root/file1, the one on the geodrive mount lets call it /geodrive1/file1 and one in cache which would be /var/local/geodrive/.../cache/file1.  Even after waiting a few hours, I don't see the file being stubbed, at least, it's still taking up the same amount of space. 

This is my geodrive's mount point's config:

<entry key="LOCAL_CACHE_ROOT" value="/var/local/geodrive/cache/B4E239F7-8F5C-4D4F-A2C1-ECB74F45BB9B"></entry>

<entry key="MOUNT_POINT" value="/cloud1"></entry>

<entry key="CLOUD_SERVER" value="REMOVED  BEFORE POSTING"></entry>


<entry key="HOST_ROOT" value="/GeoDriveTest1/"></entry>

<entry key="CLOUD_HTTPS" value="0"></entry>

<entry key="CLOUD_USER" value="REMOVED BEFORE POSTING"></entry>

<entry key="COMPRESSION_OPTION" value="0"></entry>

<entry key="ENCRYPTION_OPTION" value="0"></entry>

<entry key="ENCRYPTION_KEY_SET" value="0"></entry>

<entry key="DESCRIPTION_TEXT" value=""></entry>

<entry key="BANDWIDTH_UPLIMIT" value="0"></entry>

<entry key="BANDWIDTH_DOWNLIMIT" value="0"></entry>

<entry key="ATMOS_CONNECTIVITY_INTERVAL" value="30"></entry>

<entry key="SEC_BEFORE_UPLOAD" value="30"></entry>

<entry key="SEC_BEFORE_STUB" value="60"></entry>

<entry key="SEC_SYNC_TIME" value="45"></entry>

<entry key="MIRROR_MODE" value="0"></entry>

<entry key="GEODRIVE_FOLDER_UUID" value="B4E239F7-8F5C-4D4F-A2C1-ECB74F45BB9B"></entry>

<entry key="HTTPS_CERT_LOCATION" value="/var/local/geodrive/ssl/wsca.crt"></entry>

<entry key="PERF_COLLECT_INTERVAL" value="60"></entry>

<entry key="PERF_STATS_ENABLE" value="true"></entry>

<entry key="PERF_RECYCLE_INTERVAL" value="604800"></entry>

<entry key="MODIFY_WAIT_TIME" value="60"></entry>

<entry key="FuseDirectIo" value="true"></entry>

<entry key="NoDioOnRdonly" value="true"></entry>


The way I thought it would work is you copy a file to your geodrive mount and in 30 seconds that file would be uploaded to the Atmos server and the file in cache would be stubbed after 45 seconds.

2. I created a geodrive mount, stored a file on it, confirmed that the file was copied to the atmos server, then I removed my geodrive.  Next I checked the atmos server and the file was still there.  So, I thought I'd be able to access it again by making another geodrive drive with the same information.  But when i did that I no longer see file1.  I copied file2 to the new geodrive and it went to the storage, so now I have file1 and file2 on the storage, but I can only see file2 on the geodrive.  Shouldn't I be able to see anything i have in storage?  What if I want to upload/download the same files from different servers?  I'm sure I'm missing something here.

Anyway, if anyone can help with these questions I'd really appreciate it.  I think I'm just missing something in the configuration somewhere but I'm unsure where to look.


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Re: GeoDrive questions

I am by no means an expert as we are still figuring this out ourselves but the answer for number one could be... 1) the file is still copying to the cloud, or 2) you have turned on the mirroring flag. 

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