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I have started to get error while using esuRestApi CreateObject with Metadatalist


We use .Net technology as development environment so we use atmos-dotnet wrapper(EsuApiLib), the day before yesterday it was fine, and working but now I have started to get error while creating objects with EsuApiLib(for .NET) CreateObject if I use metadatalist.

It is fine as below

Identifier id = this.esu.CreateObject(null, null, content, null);

but if i use metadalist,

MetadataList mlist = new MetadataList();

Metadata createDate = new Metadata("CreatedDate", "20.11.2015 15:09:21", true);

Metadata fileName = new Metadata("FileName", "web.config", true);

Metadata userIp = new Metadata("userIp", "", false);

Metadata sessionId = new Metadata("sessionId", "524290", false);





ObjectId id = this.esu.CreateObject(null, mlist, byteArray, null);

it started to get error after yesterday, before it was fine and working.I do not change anything on code and api side.But as our system admins said they changed atmos switch cards or something like that ! First thing that came to my mind that maybe firmware version or a configuration may cause this error ? Do I need a newer version EsuApi  ?

EsuApiLib AssemblyVersion :

Atmos system version :

Error Line in EsuApiLib

     // Check response

     resp = (HttpWebResponse)con.GetResponse();

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Re: I have started to get error while using esuRestApi CreateObject with Metadatalist


Can you provide more details about the error?  It would be helpful to see the detailed error response (there should be an Atmos error code).  Is this a production system?  If it was working prior to modifications and those modifications were done by EMC Support, I recommend opening an SR so support can track the issue and investigate the logs on the cluster.

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Re: I have started to get error while using esuRestApi CreateObject with Metadatalist

Fortunately it is not production system, here below you can find details, do you clarify that how can i open SR to track the issue, because management belongs to system admins.

EsuException : {"The server encountered an internal error. Please try again."}

Code : 1001

InnerException : null

StackTrace :

    location: EsuApiLib.Rest.EsuRestApi.handleError(HttpWebResponse resp)     c:\Development\Projects\atmos-dotnet\EsuApiLib\Rest\EsuRestApi.cs at: line 3923

    location: EsuApiLib.Rest.EsuRestApi.CreateObjectFromSegment(Acl acl, MetadataList metadata, ArraySegment`1 data, String mimeType, Checksum checksum) c:\Development\Projects\atmos-dotnet\EsuApiLib\Rest\EsuRestApi.cs at: line 413

    location: EsuApiLib.Rest.EsuRestApi.CreateObject(Acl acl, MetadataList metadata, Byte[] data, String mimeType) c:\Development\Projects\atmos-dotnet\EsuApiLib\Rest\EsuRestApi.cs at: line 224

    location: UnitTestAtmos.UnitTestAtmos.testCreateObjectWithMetadata() c:\Users\ccanikli\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\UnitTestAtmos\UnitTestAtmos\UnitTestAtmos.cs at: line 161

Target Site : {Void handleError(System.Net.HttpWebResponse)}

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Re: I have started to get error while using esuRestApi CreateObject with Metadatalist

Unfortunately that error code (1001) is a general internal error and does not specify any other information, so further investigation of the cluster is necessary.  If you don't manage the Atmos, I would suggest going through your internal support channels.  At some point, whoever does manage the Atmos should open an SR with EMC and our support team will investigate.  Given that your code previously worked and now it does not, something seems to be wrong.

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