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Issues with Geodrive on RedHat Linux


We have lots of RedHat enterprise servers installed with Geodrive and most are working well, tow of them have had issues and we cannot seem to fix them.

First problem:  Server had to be rebuilt and we installed the Geodrive app again and all looks fine and connected to the ATMOS cloud but we are getting the fiollowing error and files are not being stubbed.

Oct  9 05:21:44  <Hostname> atmosgeodrived: CMLOG:1475986904:MAUI: <hostname>01:4769:0:1475986904:0:FS:atmosgeodrived:3:0::::[curl] error status: 7

Any ideas what this means?

Second issue:  Same Redhat version but we are getting the following error:

Oct 10 03:00:06 <hostname> atmosgeodrived: CMLOG:1476064806:MAUI: <hostname>:

5257:10979:1476064806:0:FS:atmosgeodrived:3:0::::core write - failed: op_id=4536

  254, errno -28

Again any ideas??


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