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Problem in accessing ATMOS server from public internet

I have developed a J2ME ATMOS Client. The Client pushes files to online atmos ( as objects and retrives them by using the Object IDs. When the Client was tested on the J2ME emulator it worked fine. The emulator runs on a machine in the EMC VPN. When I tested the client on Sony Ercison w810i, (which uses a Public GPRS connection to connect to the internet and is not in the EMC VPN) I get the following HTTP response for a POST/GET request of object,

<?xml version="1.0"?>






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Your client is not allowed to access the requested object</p>



I tried accessing from my home laptop using a Web Browser (which is not in EMC VPN) I get the following message,

"EMC ATMOS onLine Unauthorized Access"

Is it neccesary to access through the EMC VPN ?

Thanks in Advance,

Joseph Fernandes.

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Re: Problem in accessing ATMOS server from public internet


The Atmos onLine service ( is accessible from both inside and outside the EMC VPN. If you try to browse this site you will not receive any meaningful results such as those you described in your posting.

If you can obtain a tool such as the one offered by Gladinet, you can verify that you can access your account from outside EMC. Is it possible for you to capture the HTTP header that is generated by your handset? This could then be compared to the one generated by the simulator to see if there are any significant differences.



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