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Problem with GeoDrive Permissions

My intended goal is to setup multiple users with access to a specific directory. Using Atmos for Chrome or firefox I can easily modify the ACL permission levels for each directory and in return I get my desired results.. On the Atmos for Chrome and Firefox applications that is.

I have 2 accounts, user and admin, and I want the admin to have full control and the user to have read only privileges using the GeoDrive.

The first thing I tried was to create a folder with the admin account called documents giving the admin full control. I then added the user in the ACL so that the user account has read only privileges. This works fine on Atmos for Chrome but when I try to add a GeoDrive using the user account and the documents folder as the root directory for it, I get a message saying that the user account doesn't have full control permissions which doesn't allow me to set it up.

So the next thing I decided to try was to give the user account full control for the documents directory but give only read only privileges for the subdirectory importantdocs. It seemed to somewhat work but not as I hoped it would. The user could still delete the local stubs and add files and the GeoDrive would attempt to update the server but would fail and time out after awhile.

Now another big problem has occurred, I can't create a geodrive with the admin account for the documents folder. When I try to setup a new geodrive it says that the admin account doesn't have full control permissions. I made sure that the ACL on the Atmos for Chrome part is set so that admin does indeed have full control and it still works perfectly fine there but no matter what I try, I still get that error in the GeoDrive.

The 2 big questions I have:

1. Is it possible to setup a read only account using GeoDrive?

2. How do I fix the permissions so that the admin account can work on the GeoDrive again?

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May I know if you are looking using Atmos for Chrome/ Firefox? Will Atmos for Windows helpful you?


Suman Pinnamaneni

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