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Stub file size

We use the Atmos Geodrive software to access our Atmos storage on a third party host cloud. This creates another drive on the PC that allows us to interrogate Atmos. Stub files are shown and when selected the file appears to be downloaded as the small grey X on the stub icon disappears. However, despite the stub files being there for almost all of the folders and files on my drive, they take up hard drive space as if they were actually on the PC. I thought the stub files were only pointers to the actual data, why are they registering as taking up so much room?  Is there any way to prevent this because it's swallowed hard disk space.

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Re: Stub file size

The easiest way to figure out where your disk space is going is to tell GeoDrive to ignore Explorer. That way, when using Windows Explorer, you'll see the disk as it actually is.

In GeoDrive, click on Options/Processes. Then "Add". Find Explorer.exe in the list, select it and hit OK/OK.

Now, using Explorer you should notice that all stubbed files are 0 length. You should be able to figure out where your disk space is going to. Please reply to this with your results.

When you want to remove Explorer from the process exclude list, just removing it from the list won't do it. After you remove it from the exclude list, you need to restart explorer. You can do that by logging off/logging on, or using task Manager you can kill it and restart it.

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