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Unique Metadata

We are moving BLOBs stored within our database to Atmos and replacing it with the object Id returned from Atmos. We are looking at putting 5 million BLOBs into Atmos.

We wish to store unique metadata (our unique row key) on each object that we store in Atmos so that we can re-associate objects should something happen to our database.

Metadata appears to be stored by key-value and only searchable by key. So our key would be “DB_KEY” and the value would be <unique_row_key>. Using the .NET Api we can call ListObjectsWithMetadata passing in “DB_KEY” which will return all of the object Ids and their meta data for us to then filter and find the correct object Id. We have over 6 million rows in our database, so it seems strange to pull back all of this information to then filter and return one object Id.

We did try inverting the key-value so we created objects with metadata with a key of <unique_row_key> and a blank value but that left us with listable tags that we couldn’t delete (viewable using the Simple Object Browser even after deleting the object).

Can someone advise which (or another) approach we should be taking?


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Re: Unique Metadata

Please consider moving this question as-is (no need to recreate) to the proper forum for maximum visibility.  Questions written to the users' own "Discussions" space don't get the same amount of attention and can go unanswered for a long time. 

You can do so by selecting "Move" under ACTIONS along the upper-right.  Then search for and select: "Atmos Support Forum".

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