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/dev/sdc1 is becoming full frequently

Dear Friends ,

I am new to Atmos , I have setup atmos in our testing lab with the evaluation edition.

And its working fine , Also i am able to mount one of the server via NFS .

But now I am facing one issue , one of the atmos drive is becoming full frequently .


/dev/sdc1         4.0G  4.0G 0 100% /mauiss-disks/ss-44aff8ae-e29f-401a-bff3-7dae4ea3e40c



[root@AEE-r1s1-001 000]# pwd


[root@AEE-r1s1-001 000]#

[root@AEE-r1s1-001 000]# du -sch * | grep M

51M     00d

51M     00e

77M     013

77M     014

77M     015

77M     016

77M     01f

77M     020

77M     021

77M     022

77M     025

77M     026

77M     02b

77M     02c

77M     02d

77M     02e

77M     02f

77M     030

[root@AEE-r1s1-001 000]#


Once its full then we cant upload/write anything to " /mnt/mauifs " .

So now i am deleting all the above files inside " /mauiss-disks/ss-44aff8ae-e29f-401a-bff3-7dae4ea3e40c/data_v2.1/000/000/000 " and rebooting the system . If i am not rebooting the system after clearing the above files then I am getting " touch: cannot touch `test': No such device "

Appreciate your help on this.

Sincerely ,


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Re: /dev/sdc1 is becoming full frequently


Sounds like you may need to run fsck on this disk. You could force a fsck check on reboot with the shutdown –rF command.

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