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Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications


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Welcome to the EMC Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. On this occasion we will be covering EMC Avamar Plugin for Windows Client. This will include MS Apps such as Exchange, SQL, Hyper-v, VSS and general file system for Windows OS Family. Our experts will answer your questions in regards to best practices, supported configurations and issues observed with the Avamar Windows Plugin Suite.

Meet Your Subject Matter Expert:

profile-image-display.jspa?imageID=12755&size=350Pankaj Pande

Senior Solutions Recovery Engineer - EMC

Pankaj started at EMC in 2012. He has travelled to a number of EMC centers, delivering training and mentorship on the Avamar product to the global Avamar team. Pankaj is an EMC Proven Professional and a Microsoft Certified Professional. Other than Avamar Pankaj have experience with Networker, and Data Domain.

This discussion takes place from March 23rd -  April 6th. Get ready by bookmarking this page or signing up for e-mail notifications.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Ask the Expert conversation. My name is Pankaj, i'll be your host for this event.

This is an opportunity for you to ask all sorts of Avamar Specific Windows Module questions(Includes File System, SharePoint, Exchange, MS SQL, Hyper-V and BMR)

Just a note : Remember, no question is a silly question

Besides, the session, I'll try to post a daily backup tips and latest KB's/Fixes for our Avamar Users.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Welcome everyone, this ATE discussion has began. Feel free to post your questions and our SMEs will be sure to answer them before the end of our event. Let's keep this discussion respectful and informative. Thanks!

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Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Hi Pankaj,

This session is going to be very helpful for all Avamar community followers. I wish you very best of luck and hope to see maximum participation from our customers.



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Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Today, let's talk about some our new "Demand Paging cache and Growing Size of the caches".

For the file cache, each entry is 64 bytes, or 6.4 MB per page and each champion is 20 bytes or 200 KB per page.

On disk, the champions are stored with the entries that give a size of about 6.7 MB for each page of the file cache. There is some overhead, but it is a very small percentage of the total size, and usually not relevant.

In RAM, the champions are stored separately. The page sizes are about 6.4 MB for the file cache. The champions are brought into RAM in a single array that contains all of the champions for all of the applicable backups in the cache.

As an example, the file cache required for 40 M files is approximately 616 pages: 40 M / 65,000 (estimated) or 4.13 GB on disk (616 * 6.7 MB).

These values are representative for very large backups. Auto-tuning alters the number of pages stored in memory based on the size of previous backups and other factors, including the actual memory available to the process. The values may be considerably smaller or larger, based on previous backups requirements.

Hope that helps in understanding why your paging cache might juice up a little more of your disk space, but remember, it is more effective as compared to monolithic cache file.

Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Hi Pankaj,

Could you please explain about Disaster Recovery of exchange backups ? What should be taken care to ensure DR of exchange server ?



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Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Hi Pawan,

I'll answer it in two parts :

1) Preparing for Disaster Recovery from EMC Avamar perspective

2) Performing the Disaster Recovery (Microsoft and EMC Avamar)

I. Preparing for Disaster Recovery

1. Ensure that you have onsite and offsite copies of the installation disks for the operating system, Exchange Server, and any software updates.

2. Perform full Windows server backups by using the Avamar Client for Windows. Include System State and all critical and noncritical disks in the backups. The EMC Avamar for Windows Server User Guide provides full backup instructions.

3. Back up all Exchange databases by using the Avamar Plug-in for Exchange VSS.

II. Performing Disaster Recovery

Microsoft :

For Exchange DR, it is important to note that almost all of the configuration settings for Mailbox and Client Access servers are stored in Active Directory.

Exchange includes a Setup parameter for recovering lost servers. This parameter, /m:RecoverServer, is used to rebuild and re-create a lost server by using the settings and configuration information stored in Active Directory.

However, be aware that there are several settings which are not restored, such as changes to local web.config and other configuration files. In addition, custom registry entries are not restored.

We recommend that you use a reliable change management process to track and recreate these changes.

For detailed steps about how to perform a server recovery of a lost Exchange 2013 server, see Recover an Exchange Server. For detailed steps about how to recover a lost server that's a member of a database availability group (DAG), see Recover a database availability group member server.

EMC Avamar


1. Restore the server from the Windows client backup as described in the EMC Avamar for Windows Server User Guide.

2. Complete the recommended Microsoft Exchange Server disaster recovery procedure by using the steps in one of the following articles on the Microsoft TechNet website:

- Exchange Server 2013 and 2010 -- "Recover an Exchange Server" at


Exchange Server 2007 -- "Disaster Recovery" at


3. Use the Exchange VSS plug-in to restore the Exchange databases.

4. Restore the Exchange databases by using one of the following methods, depending on the environment:

     - Restore the databases from the Exchange VSS plug-in backups.

     - Bring the Exchange server back online in the DAG or cluster, and allow the mailbox databases to synchronize from the current versions on the other servers in the DAG or cluster.

     - Use a combination of both methods. Reseed the mailbox databases with the Exchange VSS plug-in backups, and then synchronize the newly-restored Exchange server with the current version on the other servers in the DAG or cluster.

5. When you are sure that the restore of the environment is correct and complete, perform a full backup of the newly restored environment.

Since, we are talking about DR's, let's consider another situation : You have deleted a Database and have re-created the database in Exchange but due to some reasons, you have a requirement to restore the database that was backed up before the re-creation happened.

In that situation, the restore might fail with the below error message :

avexvss Error <13015>: VSS writer did not find anything to restore

avexvss Info <12994>: Restore completed successfully.

This is a known issue and the error happens because of the fact that the BCD component file that was backed up before the database got rebuilt has the old database Guid information and since, usually guid information changes with the database creation, Plugin is not able to find the target database in records.

In order to resolve the issue, there are Hotfixes available for various builds or you can simply upgrade to Avamar 7.1 since, the fix has been checked into the release.

If required, please contact EMC Support for the Hotfix.

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Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Pankaj Pande,

Awesome event, thank you! Can you give us a quick run down as if we were reading a cheat sheet about the clients here:


Windows SQL makes perfect sense to me and is pretty straight forward (in green). It's the others boxed in blue and orange, that I think would benefit from a high level explanation of what it does and where you would use it. [I know this is an outdated screenshot, but was in a time crunch and was all I had on hand ]

Appreciate it,


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Re: Ask the Expert: Avamar Plugin for Microsoft Applications

Hello Ed,

Apologies for the delay, but I must say, its a great query.

Please find the information about the plugins.

1)Exchange Database Plugin :
a.Legacy Plugin
b.Stream based API backups

For clients prior to 6.0.102

2)Exchange Database 2003-2007 Plugin :
a.Legacy Plugin
b.Stream based API Backups for Exchange 2007 SP1 and below

For clients starting 6.1 till 7.0 for Stream API based backups instead of VSS

3)Exchange Message:
a.Legacy Plugin

Backup/Restore of individual Message items for Exchange 2003-2007

4)Exchange VSS :

Uses VSS based Technology for Exchange 2007 SP2 and above


Exchange WebService 2007: Checking with my resources on this

6)Windows SharePoint :
a.Legacy Plugin
b.Support VSS based backups for 6.0 SP Clients

7)SharePoint GLR :

Required for Kroll On-track Mount for performing GLR operation of SharePoint

😎SharePoint VSS :
a.VSS Based backups of SharePoint and SQL server

Pankaj Pande