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Ask the Expert [Video]: How to Retire and Delete a client in Avamar

Welcome to our new Ask the Expert video approach. On this thread we’re introducing a How-To Support video and an EMC Subject Matter Expert. We invite you to watch and post any questions, thoughts or feedback, based on the topic at hand. During the time this event is live our assigned SME (s) will be answering your inquiries as they get posted. After the assigned period has ended we'll leave it open so that everyone in the community can collaborate.

The following video demonstrates how to retire and delete a client in Avamar. Our Support SME, Pawan Kumawat, will be around to assist February 1st - 5th. We're looking forward to your replies.

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>> Ask the Expert [Video]: How To Retire and Delete a client in Avamar http://bit.ly/1QsBy3X #EMCATE <<

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Re: Ask the Expert [Video]: How to Retire and Delete a client in Avamar

what is the proper approach to the LONG LONG list of servers in MCRetired - most of mine no longer have any vaild backups here or in the replicated copy, yet they remain in the MCRetired.

Been have issues with some people seeing a server in MCRetired and thinking to goes to the Current server of the same name and thinking I was not backing up their server.

When what happened is we had one, we got rid of it, and somewhere down the line someone made a new server with the same name.

It is such a hassle to clean out MCRetired by hand on both the Live and Replicated Grids.

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Re: Ask the Expert [Video]: How to Retire and Delete a client in Avamar

Hi J.H.

I understand the issue here. Clients under MCRetired need to be removed manually. Sometimes it becomes a bit complicated when we have huge environment. We can use mccli to find the list of clients under MCRetired domain and then we can use mccli backup show command to see all backups for any client. Once we find clients without backup, we can use mccli client delete command to delete them.

From support side we do not have any script to delete such clients , but I will check on this further and will let you if there is any possibility.