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Is there a safe way to kill asktime it's been running for over 3 hours and it normally only takes around 40 minutes to complete in the grid I'm working on.

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Re: Asktime

Where in the process is it hung?  Is it trying to syncronize time?  Did you hit ctrl+c and its still hanging?  Thanks,


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Re: Asktime

Running asktime will configure NTP synchronisation on the Avamar nodes and then give you the opportunity to 'monitor' it as time synchronisation occurs.  Once the configuration files have been distributed to the Avamar nodes and you are in the 'monitoring' mode you can safely quit out.

Once you have quit asktime you can continue to monitor ntp time synchronisation if you wish. 

You will find tips on this in KB article esg122463 "How to determine whether an Avamar system is experiencing a time synchronisation / synchronization (NTP) issue."

A suggestion to speed up time synchronisation is to manually set the time on all nodes to be the same before running asktime by running a command such as mapall --all --parallel --noerror 'date XXXXXX''

You can find additional tips relating to asktime in KB article esg113472

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