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Avamar Client Manager Installer upgrade

Hello Team,

I want to upgrade client packages which shows under client manager installer list.

On page 9 of following document, procedure to upgrade client manager installer package is given.

Just to make sure this document contains latest process, I opened a chat with EMC, and I was asked to follow same procedure except one thing, that once file is uploaded to /data01/avamar/repo/packages, package shows on AVI installer page and I need to click on install to install it.

But this document says I just need to copy it to directory /data01/avamar/repo/packages/ and I can exit. After some time It should reflect under client Manager client installer page.

Has anyone done it recently ? I am confused, Should I follow the instruction given over EMC chat or this document ?

Avamar version 7.1



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Re: Avamar Client Manager Installer upgrade

Hi Pawan,

           As far as I know you would need to install the package. Then only the download page will be updated.

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