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Avamar Data Domain migration

Hello all,

please could someone give me some ideas. There is an Avamar server with 2 Data Domains. One for backup, the other one for replication from another location. The two DDs should be replaced with one newer DD. What's the best way to migrate the data from both DDs to one DD? Actually the new data domain is already configured on the Avamar server and it has already new backups. For whatever reason only one client is sending its data to the new DD. The rest sends its data to the old DD. We already initiated two mtree replications to the new DD into two new mtress. One for backup the other one for the replication. But how can I tell Avamar to use the two mtrees to use for a later recovery of old backup data. How can we handle the replication mtree?

Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Avamar Data Domain migration

I think you started that wrong. I think you need to migrate to a fresh DD without any data.
There is a DellEMC internal / Partner-only document about migrating to new DD systems.
"Avamar and Data Domain System Replacement Technical Note". I'm not sure about consolidating 2 DDs onto one, at least if there's only single Avamar involved.
Avamar creates an MTree called avamar-123456789, where the number is the first part of the system ID of Avamar (hfscreatetime). You cannot tell Avamar which MTree it should use.

Now your setup sees 3 DD systems. I'm not sure there's a way to migrate data from one DD to another that is attached to the same Avamar. If it was a separate Avamar it would be easy, just use Avamar replication (which uses DD replication when it's AV/DD to AV/DD)

If you just want to redirect your clients to the new DD and let the old data expire, you can just edit your Datasets to backup to the new DD. In the Options Tab there's an option "Store backup on Data Domain system" with a drop down list which DD to use. Also check the drop down box for each plug-in your dataset uses (e.g. Windows File System and Windows VSS) and change the DD for each one.