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Avamar MSSQL Backup and Database Itemization Reporting

Hey Folks,

   Got a problem I'm wondering if I can get some light shed in on how to do this. I have multiple SQL Servers with multiple databases per SQL server that I need to back up. I however for audit purposes I need to report on the individual database that has been backed up and the size. I have DPA that I can build reports on but I'm difficulty getting what I need.

In this situation I would normally run a query to the database to report it's backup however due to restrictions I am unable to do this. The only way I see to do this is to create individual dataset's and policies that are itemized per database and run them one at a time and report that way. In order to do this cooperation would be needed for the DBA to report each time a DB has been created to include in a backup config which is not really optimal either. 

So there has got to be a better way to skin this cat. I'm open to options but keep in mind I can only use DPA and Avamar to gain the information I need.