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Avamar NDMP to Datadomain


in Avamar 7 the NDMP plugin is now supported with Datadomain systems.
So far so good.

Is it although supported to do this over WAN distance?

That means that I have a VNX Filer and Avamar Accelerator Node in the remote site and a Avamar system with integrated Datadomain in the central site.

Or is this not supported because of the DDBoost WAN limitation or does this new CDSF (common data stream format) work in anoter way?

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Re: Avamar NDMP to Datadomain

Not supported, sorry. All Avamar / Data Domain integrated backups use Boost and as such are not supported over WAN. If you need to perform backups across a WAN, you have to use the Avamar back-end.

They are working on removing this restriction in a future release.


Re: Avamar NDMP to Datadomain

Hey Druehl,

So far, cannot support your need.

Bucause, the Avamar server and all Data Domain systems must be on the same local network. Do not connect the Avamar server and Data Domain systems over a Wide Area Network (WAN). Configurations that use a WAN are not supported.

You can use Avamar replication over a WAN to replicate data from source Avamar servers and Data Domain systems to target Avamar servers and Data Domain systems.

Hope this helpful.

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