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Avamar VMWare to Avamar Hyper-V

Hi all! I have a basic avamar/datadomain installation (1 server/1 virtual machine) I need migrate the Avamar server from VMWare (ESXi) to a Hyper-V machine. I try to convert the VMware virtual machine but it's a slow process >10 hours. We can't stop 10 hours the backup. I have a new VM with Avamar in Hyper.v ready to use. Please, how can export/importar the full configuration from the servers? Or, what is the best way to migrate? Thanks in advance Regards Jose Mª
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Re: Avamar VMWare to Avamar Hyper-V

The best way would be a root-to-root migration. However, please be aware that this is a paid service.