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Avamar & Windows compression

Hi All,

We have a virtual (VMWare) 2008R2 file server with ~3TB data with 2.1 millions files and I need to include the server into Avamar backup. The problem is that disks with data are compressed in Windows OS and first backup is about 33Gb/hour. Is it normal speed for my situation?

The second question - I'm going to include this server into two types of backup:

1. File level backup for backup/restore data

2. VM level backup for DR requirements - restore of this type is much faster.

What do you think about this scheme? Will compression somehow affect de-dup ratio on Avamar or something else?

During my tests when I firstly included a server into file level backup and then into VM level backup, I found that the VM level discovered only 2-5% new data...


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