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Avamar client backup of linux systems with high file count (30-80 million files) performance problems

Hi all,

I am attempting to get the initial backup complete on a few linux servers with the avamar client. These servers have high file counts, between 30-80 million. I let one with 35million run and had to stop it on the 7th day because we had maintenance and now im having to start it again. The fcache and pcache just take forever to finish. Not sure if it matters but the backup is going to a data domain 9800 and we are using ddboost.

Fast incremental isnt really an option as I cant freeze this file system, especially for an  unknown amount of time, so it has to be the normal client. Anyone have any tips or tricks to help ? I have pretty much ruled out network bandwidth and the client system is not being taxed resource wise at all.

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