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Avamar integrated with DD - replication

We are aiming at utilising Avamar controlled replication but I have a specific requirement to control which interfaces the Avamar system uses for replication.

My understanding is that Avamar meta data will be replicated Avamar to Avamar, backup data will be replicated via data domain to data domain. Is there a way I can control with interfaces are used, by Avamar, on the data domain?

My initial thought was that when adding the details for the replication target I would simply add an interface and a host entry such as with the ip that relates to the bonded interface, but the target hostname is going to be the Avamar so is there a way I can force the backup data to replicate over specific interfaces on the DD?

Avamar 7.4.1 with DDOS 5.7

Thanks in advance


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Re: Avamar integrated with DD - replication

Hello Neil,

Let's assume your environment is like below:

AvamarSRC+DDSRC as replication source

AvamarDST+DDDST as replication destination

The way you add DDSRC to AvamarSRC is via its FQDN. For example, ddSRC-hostname.fqdn

The way you add DDDST to AvamarDST is via its FQDN. For example, ddDST-hostname.fqdn

Let's say both the DDSRC and DDDST have 2 network interfaces, one as primary, the other as replication. All the interfaces have their ip address and fqdn -







The way Avamar controlled replication (managed file replication, aka MFR) works is that -

Replication agent on AvamarSRC starts the replication job and gets the DDDST info from AvamarDST.

Replication agent on Avamar SRC gets the address of DDDST from AvamarDST, which is ddDST-hostname.fqdn

Replication agent on Avamar SRC passes along the information to DDSRC to do a filecopy to the destination ddDST-hostname.fqdn

In terms of the data replicated between 2 DDs, your request is to force the replication network traffic to go from ddSRC-replication.fqdn to ddDST-replication.fqdn.

As a result, you should make sure when DDSRC connects to ddDST-hostname.fqdn, it connects to ddDST-replication.fqdn.

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Re: Avamar integrated with DD - replication

As Avamar SRC and DST only know the DD's as SRC and DST primary, how will the DD direct the replication traffic down the replication interface.....ddSRC-replication.fqdn to ddDST-replication.fqdn ???

There isnt a setting in the DD to say its a replication interface as Avamar is controlling it

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Re: Avamar integrated with DD - replication

The easiest I can think of is the use of dns. If you make DDSRC to resolve ddDST-hostname.fqdn to the ip address of ddDST-replication.fqdn. Then traffic goes through your replication network, assuming that ddDST-replication.fqdn is only reachable via your replication network.

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Re: Avamar integrated with DD - replication

it would seem we can do this via "host mapping" in the Data Domain or configure replication IFgroups

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