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Avamar upgrade

I'm in the process of upgrading Avamar 7.1.1-145 to 7.2 SP1 build 32 is there anything I should be concern with. 

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Re: Avamar upgrade


Avamar Server Upgrades must be performed by EMC personnel who have been specifically trained to perform upgrades.
Instead open up an Upgrade Service request an upgrade to be performed by the EMC Remote Proactive Upgrade team.

This will insure that your upgrade will complete smoothly and without impact to your business requirements.

If you attempt to perform the upgrade yourself and you run into a problem without taking the required precautions you may place your server in a permanent inoperable state. EMC does not have services to deal with Avamar Server Upgrade Break Fix issues, and may not be able to resolve an improperly performed upgrade.

#2 Prepare yourself for an upgrade.
Upgrades cannot be performed on a whim. They must be carefully planned to ensure that your Avamar Server is fully operational and compatible with all of the clients you use and any other optional facilities integrated with Avamar, such as, but not limited to:

  • NDMP accelerators.
  • Avamar Extended Retention
  • Data Domain integration
  • Networker integration
  • VMWare VCenter integration

After you have submitted your Service request, familiarize yourself with these two Knowledgebase articles on Support.EMC.com:

Customer Facing Knowledgebase:

A member of the Remote Proactive Upgrade team will contact you shortly to begin the process of your site planning for an upgrade.

Please indicate if this response has answered your question, has been helpful, of if you would like more information.

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Re: Avamar upgrade

If it is a Production System then you should not upgrade on your own. Please get in touch with the EMC Support/RCM team and they will get it done for you.

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Re: Avamar upgrade

Thanks for the quick replies, I have a SR open with EMC Support to do the upgrade.

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