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Backing up Windows Users Folder only

Running Avamar 18.2, I'm trying to create a Dataset that will only backup Windows "Users" folders no matter what physical drive they are located on.

- For Source Data I have "All local Windows filesystems".

- For Exclusions I'm attempting to exclude everything. I have tried "*", "*.*", and "*\*"

- For Inclusions I'm attempting to include any folder (and subfolders) that begins with "Users".  I have tried "Users", "*\Users", "*\Users*", and "*\Users\*".


Is this even possible and what might the correct syntax be?


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Re: Backing up Windows Users Folder only

After a lot of trial and error with different combinations of includes/excludes I was able to (mostly) achieve what I wanted with the following:

- Exclusions = *\*

- Inclusions = Users\**


Turns out this is also capturing a few random "Users" folders buried under C:\Windows but the content is small enough we may be able to live with it.  I may try and test some specific excludes to target those random folders but am not sure it will work considering the inclusion.