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CPU throttling for SQL backups

I've added the cpu-throttle=10 to a test SQL backup for a customer. The Windows file system backups seem to complete without error, but VSS and SQL based backups throw the following errors:


"2015-03-25 11:17:17 avsql Error <5062>: Invalid flag: "--cpu-throttle"


2015-03-25 11:17:07 avvss Error <5062>: Invalid flag: "--cpu-throttle"

Does the cpu-throttle setting only work for windows file system backups? Can a change on the client side be made to force the CPU utilization ceiling for all backup jobs?


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Re: CPU throttling for SQL backups

cpu-throttle is an avtar flag so it cannot be applied on plugin level. VSS or SQL backups will spawn one or several avtar processes to backup plugin data so this flag has to be applied on avtar level to limit CPU usage.

If you want to apply this flag to all kind of backups on client side, you just need to create a file named avtar.cmd on client side Avamar var folder and set cpu-throttle inside.

You can also check this KB for further details:

I hope it helps, let me know if you need further assistance.