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Client On-Demand Schedule - Image level


I've just started managing a single grid on a client and found something that is puzzling me.


We're making image level backups from the vcenter and from the queries I was running it looks like besides the scheduled backups Client On-Demand backups are running as well: https://i.imgur.com/U5flK3o.png .

I can't determine who, how or where from these Client On-Demand Schedules are coming.

Already checked the proxy as well as event logs and all I can see is that the requester is the root user: https://i.imgur.com/2nBk2U6.png .


Also the group_names of these backups are weird: FS_1W_WED-vm_genXXXXX-1546401600042

This is the combination of the schedule (FS_1W_WED) and the policy group name created on Avamar (vm_genXXXXX).


Any idea on if this is normal behaviour and if not where to look for more details?