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Command line Backup VM

Hello guys

Im looking for some help on the command line of Avamar
We want to have a script to make a backup of a VM

for example we have the VM LABVMTEST on the domain Vcenter/VirtualMachines/

the backup starts with the command:

mccli client backup-target --name=LABVMTEST --target=all --domain=/Vcenter/VirtualMachines/ --plugin=3016 --wait=0

if I run this the backup runs but you can´t specify where is the destination of the backup and the retention




on the online support the agent told me that we only way we can specify the Dataset, retention and destination is to run a group backup

mccli group backup --name=TestOasis --domain=/Vcenter/ --wait=0

and the full script has to:
"add the Vm to the TestOasis group"
"run the backup of the TestOasis group"
"delete the VM from the TestOasis group"



is there a way to avoid doing that?