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Couldn't browse the Image backup for file restore.

Hello ,

I am not able to browse the VM image backup when i click on the granular level restore.

Error: Browse result is empty.

Avamar: 7.2

VM: Linux 7.3

please do let me know the limitations.


Dileep M

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Re: Couldn't browse the Image backup for file restore.

Did you try from MCCLI and confirm what you see from GUI matches? If there are compatibility issues, backups mostly fails as I have seen, still worth to go through http://compatibilityguide.emc.com:8080/CompGuideApp/ xhttp://compatibilityguide.emc.com:8080/CompGuideApp/ for details.

We made a mistake similar way quering for Error_code=0 and assumed backups are successful. For Avamar, what matters is status_code=0 assome cases, Error_code=0 is a failure too.

Please confirm backups were all successful with status_code=0.

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