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Data duplication

Hi all,

As part of a restore reccurent process test we are going for the next years, we are studying the possibility of an isolated infrastructure to restore our application blocs.

This isolated infrastructure will have everything that our production need to work : a proper dns, an AD ...

I'm studying the possibility that we have to create a backup environment on this infrastructure considering that our production has :

- Multiple Networker serveur with EMC datadomain storage.

- Multiple Avamar Server with Avamar Grid Storage.

- Multiple AVE (Avamar Virtual Edition) with EMC Datadomain Storage.

In a quick view i was thinking on the isolated infratructure to have :

- 1 Virtualised Networker Server

- 1 AVE

- 1 DDVE ( Datadomain virtual edition)

The storage will be limited on this infrastructure and we cannot assume to copy all datas from Grid and datadomain of production to the isolated DDVE.

As well we canno't have those networker and avamar speaking with the production storage (even on read only) continuously, the communication will only be open for punctual duplication.

My question is :

Is it possible to duplicate a choosen amount of backup from an avamar server connected to a grid or datadomain to an AVE connected to a datadomain.

The fact that we need to choose what we copy restrict usto do this copy from the avamar server ?
Is there anyway to do it directly DD to DD, or Grid to DD ?

Same question on Networker.

I was more used to symantec products, i am discovering the EMC backup world.

Thanks for your hep,


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Re: Data duplication

if you duplicate DD to DD then Avamar does not know about it, and the Avamar in you DR site will not be able to restore it.

And yes you can specify how much you want duplicated over.

Look into the Replication configuration on Avamar for your options.

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Re: Data duplication

Agreed .. Avamar replication is what you are going to need here.

Using Avamar to replicate the data to the target AVE/DD will ensure that the metadata for any backups on DataDomain is present on the target AVE so those backups are restorable.

Avamar replication will allow you to perform selective replication of one or more domains and specify a custom date range of backups if you need to pare the size of the data which will be stored on the target system.

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