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EBR and VM placeholders....how to omit???


Windows 2012R2

Vmware 5.5/6.0

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a way to have the Networker VBA to NOT allow "placeholder" vm's to show up as available for selection in the EBR.

We perform regular DR failovers from one datacenter to another, and part of that process is failing over hundreds of VM's to our other Vcenter at a remote site. Once the VM's are failed over to the remote site, they are left as "placeholders" in the original Vcenter (see image). This creates a nightmare for me, because not only is the original VM available for selection, but the placeholder VM is as well, which of course, will fail in the backups. There is no way for me to differentiate in the EBR selection, which is the "active" vm and which is the "placeholder". In a perfect world, all VM's that get failed over would reside in their own VM "failover" cluster, and I could just switch clusters to back up, but our VM environment isnt set that way.  


Is there a way to address this? Ive been researching, but finding very little if anything. I cant be the only one backing up VM's that faiI over between datacenter for DR purposes, but still has the requirement to back them up. Is this dealt with in any way in networker 9.x?

Thanks all!


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