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EMC Avamar Backup Plugin for SQL cannot backup more than one Availability Group Client at a time

We've recently switched to Avamar virtual appliance on v18 and have upgraded our SQL clients to and re-configured the Cluster configuration, re-registered the new clients with the exact same settings, policy, schedule etc as we had configured for v7.

However, unlike the previous version where we could happily use one schedule to trigger multiple Availability Group Client backups (as long as they were different AGs) simultaneously on the same secondary or primary node and they'd run happily, we now encounter an issue where it's first in wins.

As soon as one of the AG client backups has triggered all other AG client work-orders on the same node fail with an already started message even though they're different clients and the previous client version happily triggered new agent processes on the server for the separate clients.

It's like it now thinks the AG clients are the same job when run at the same time, support has suggested we create a separate schedule for each AG client and stagger them which will keep us going but in my mind this isn't a long term solution as we'll end up with tons of schedules for the various AGs instead of, as before, one fits all.

Just wondering if anyone has v18 backing up different AGs on the same node at the same time successfully at all?