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Gen4T Avamar Single-Node Bonding and Vlans

M600 Configuring bonds and Vlans - which would be on different networks.

Customer wants Bond0 (eth1 and eth2) configured for backup data only.


Customer wants Bond1 (eth3 and eth4) configured for management only


Core Networking gear consists of a EtherChannnel bound set of 2 Cisco Catalyst 4500 L3 Switches


Customer wants the Bond0 (backup data) routed on vlan10 to keep it separated and for the HA ability ports eth1 connects to switch1 and eth2 connects to switch2.  Both switchports are configured for vlan 10 access as well.

Layer3 switch has an IP address for int vlan10 (gateway)

Customer wants the Bond1 (management data) routed on vlan11 to keep it seperated and for the HA ability eth3 connects to switch1 and eth4 connects to switch2.  Both of these switchports are configured for vlan11

Layer3 switch has an IP address for int vlan11 (gateway)

So far I've created the vlans and gateway for these on the switches

In regards to Avamar I have

-installed the avinstaller

-Used yast to create the bonds and set a hostname for both bonds??? Is this correct

-In yast there is also a (main) gateway which i entered as and these links work

The bond1 is configured as well but is not reachable...thinking it was because of the gateway setting?


1.  Where would I set a gateway for bond1 so it can get out?

2.  If you guys indeed help get question 1 knocked out then lastly how would I make these bonded interfaces also have their respective vlans assigned to them in Avamar.

If I need to use the dpnnetutil to assign vlans, I read to do this before installation..so I didn't want to go any further until I knew both bonds had connectivity.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Gen4T Avamar Single-Node Bonding and Vlans

Hi jeremytaylor, were you able to figure this out? Thanks!

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Re: Gen4T Avamar Single-Node Bonding and Vlans

Yes. Lot to take in going to all EMC equipment. Thanks for checking

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