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HP-UX unable to run pre-run script

I am doing backups of HP-UX and need to run a script to mount an NFS share before the backup runs. In order to accomplish that the HP-UX admin created a simple NFS mount script called "bk.mount". I specified this script in the dataset for the HP-UX client. Whenever the backup starts, it fails with the following:

2010-02-25 13:21:23 avtar Info <5916>: Executing run-at-start '/opt/AVMRclnt/etc/scripts/bk.mount'
2010-02-25 13:21:24 avtar Info <6033>: Begin STDERR from run-at-start:
avspawn::spawn after execve errno:8 code 8: Exec format error
2010-02-25 13:21:24 avtar Info <6034>: End of STDERR
2010-02-25 13:21:24 avtar Info <5917>: Back from run-at-start, exit code 8
2010-02-25 13:21:24 avtar Error <6964>: Exiting avtar with run-at-start script failure 8

The backup has been tested with the share already mounted, and the mount script works when executed directly from HP-UX as root.  The Avamar clients is running as root (default) and the script in the right place '/opt/AVMRclnt/etc/script'.

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Re: HP-UX unable to run pre-run script

I found this in regards to a Red Hat issue that is similar (not exact).  Maybe it might help.

try this..