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How do you test disaster recovery with Avamar?

How do you test disaster recovery with Avamar?  Avamar cannot be removed from the environment for testing. It also cannot be segregated on the network without affecting backups. 

In a traditional backup system with backup servers, media nodes and tape libraries, it is possible to recreate a completely isolated clone of the backup environment.  For example, If I have a Networker backup system, I can setup a few servers, and do a disaster recovery of my Networker server, media nodes and install a tape library. Then I can test all kinds of restore procedures.  Whatever I do in this cloned environment does not affect the main Networker backup system or the production network since it is physically seperate.

How would one do this with Avamar? Doing disaster recovery of just Windows server is not that hard, but once applications like Exchange, AD, and databases come into play, things get a bit more complicated, and most admins would probably not want to do test restores of AD or Exchange in a production environment.

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Re: How do you test disaster recovery with Avamar?

In Avamar, this is done via a Replication Target Grid.  All data is replicated to the target site in question and if the source site goes down or lost then the target can be used to restore server client data (Windows, etc).

In the example of Exchange servers, you will need to ensure that you are backing up the Information Store with Avamar.  Using our replication grid above, you can restore the databases to a rebuilt Exchange server or a DR type server.

If you do not have a target grid in which to do this you can simulate restoring to test servers.

I hope this answers your questions.  Post back if you need further clarification.