How to us mccli to delete backups

I have a large number of backups on my Avamar 7.4 that need to be deleted.  They are not deleting on their own because they have no expiration date.  I'm looking for a multiple commands or a script to run in the EMC Avamar mccli that will get rid of the old unwanted backups.

I have been reading and experimenting with "EMC Avamar 7.1 Management Console Command Line Interface MCCLI Programer Guide".  The commands mccli backup show and mccli backup delete are useful.


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Re: How to us mccli to delete backups

You can use this Script to delete these backups , it should be inbuilt in Avamar Sever.



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Re: How to us mccli to delete backups

I would have just one to the gui Backup, Restore and Mange

go to the Mange tab for the server

sort the backups

highlight all that I want to get rid of and right click delete

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Re: How to us mccli to delete backups

Thanks induction.  This will make it a lot easier.  I created my script and broke it into four different parts.  The script was not able to delete everything it was supposed to on the first run so I'm running it again, but that's no problem.

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