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Is this a new bug of VMware or Avamar?

Hi everybody,

I cannot backup VMs because of vmx files. It was a bug of vmware and they solved this problem. Before the solution, we were using --x22=8192 parameters. After the new version of Vmware and Avamar 5.0.2, this problem has fixed, right?

Now I have Vcenter 4.1.0  Build Number=345043 and Avamar is 5.0.4. When I try to backup a VM, it fails. So I use --x22=8192 parameters and I can backup the VMs.  Normally it is not possible to see this error on Vcenter 4.1.0 build=345043 and Avamar 5.0.4.

Why I see this errors, do you have any idea?

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