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Linux system backup with EVA fracture


I have been tasked to move use away from our old netbackup enviroment to our avamar grid

the problem that i am having it i have a linux based system which netbackup has a script that runs which enables netbackup to fractures the cluster and allows the backup to happen them thraws it back to when the back is finished

Looking at the script

I will need to find out the following to convert the script for avamar

the variables i need to find are

-- config script ---

$Policy - Policy name

BkpUid="nbu"   (NBU is the ref for netbackup)

-- Start Script --

# Parameters: (as NBU supplies them)

# $1 - Client name

# $2 - Policy name

# $3 - Schedule name

# $4 - Schedule type

# $BACKUPID - Backup identifier

# $UNIXBACKUPTIME - Backup time in Unix format

# $BACKUPTIME - Backup time in readable format

Can some avamar guru please help me

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