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Re: Re: MCCLI Scripting Question

Relevant, re: parsing XML:

I always recommend using a real XML parser for XML but I understand why quick and dirty is appealing (and I have occasionally committed this sin myself when I'm in a hurry).

I'd recommend using an XML parsing module in a scripting language like Perl, Python, Ruby, etc. if you plan to rely on this tool for anything "production-y".

LanguageXML Parsers
PerlXML::Parser, XML::Simple
Pythonxml.dom, xml.sax
RubyReXML, Nokogiri
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Re: MCCLI Scripting Question

I like quick & dirty.....

But you do have a point! 

I will need to learn how to interface Avamar's API's....

good luck to me


Joe Despres

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